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Your orders from factories in our lovely Paris

About us

"LOVE BOHEMIQUE" is a unique boutique of jewellery of the highest quality from France. We represent the only service in the world for the manufacture of products that do not differ from those created in official factories in Europe.

Everyone knows the high cost of brand jewelry is formed from advertising, location, and brand status. That's why, since 2010, we have set the goal of finding the best European jewelers who will be able to reproduce the smallest detail in jewelry design, which even the experienced specialist or the seller of the original boutique won't distinguish.

We work directly with the leading jewelers in Paris, who have great experience working with luxury brand jewelry. All jewelry are made to the original model, which is why they are so authentic to the smallest details.
Your orders from factories in our lovely Paris
Each model is specially tailored to your desire and preference. Several times a month we personally go to Paris to order your jewelry, then deliver from Europe to Moscow and in case of necessity we also have worldwide shipping. All our goods have original caskets, boxes, tapes, packages, certificates, and documents of brand.

Moreover, at your request, we can make receipt, which equals the cost of original product from boutique. Every photo is made personally, without application, filters, or photoshop, so you can be sure you will get precisely what you see on the web page, otherwise we can fully refund you for the goods. We use the highest purity of gold and put original stamps of brand.
Your orders from factories in our lovely Paris
Although to find the difference is almost impossible, a lot of people are interested in the reason for the big difference in price between original product and our product. Because of high level of professionalism, technology, which let us use a smaller percentage of gold, but save exact weight, colour, and durability of product.

It is only possible to distinguish percentage ratio between products by the special examination process of melting the products to their key components to distinguish the original product and ours.

Therefore, you could be sure even experienced specialists won't stumble at authenticity in your purchase. You can see our products at famous models and public persons. We guarantee the privacy of your order.
Your orders from factories in our lovely Paris
There is an active link with your personal consultant for personalization in your order.

You just click on a link to go there. The consultant will pick up the best model, let you know about detailed terms of manufacturing, and personally control the whole process of order from payment to handing.

We only work in 100% prepayment for the orders, you could pay by bank card or any convenient way.

We are responsible to the client for being in conformity with the laws of sale and regulations.

We have been working since 2010 and due to high level quality and service, more than 5000 orders have been sent worldwide.

Our boutique has a solid reputation. Our priority is to offer our clients the best quality, observe all terms and arrangements, and quality service.